How to make money on steemit

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Launched in early 2016 steemit is a new social media platform where the content creators and curators make money by doing what they usually do.

For bloggers it is just another way to make money but curators or content readers who earlier just promoted content of other people by sharing and liking it can now get chance of earning too.
So how it works ? How do you make money on steemit  ??

Well first you have to sign up for steemit make your account it's very easy just few steps .
Now when you have signed in to your steemit account you can see some trending posts and below these posts there is some dollars amount with an upward arrow sign in a circle.

making money on steemit

This arrow sign is upvote sign. If you are not a content creator you can earn by upvoting for a post . Yes you are paid for just clicking on that sign.

When you upvote the author earns some steems - the cryptocurrency of steemit- and some steem power and steem dollars , not just author the upvoter also earns some percentage for upvoting it.
Now you can be both a curator and content creator and that is very much recommended after all steemit is a community , people read others view and share their views.

One more thing that i have came across is that if you want to earn good on steemit keep your content original. Yes the old tale of original content is applicable here also and on steemit original content will build your reputation and this will help you getting more steem power and you can seriously earn good on steemit. I'll be doing a separate post on the power of steem power and this concept is really rational and in positive interest of good blogging community.

For curators , they can be rewarded for detecting and notifying The copied content and can earn more reputation that is steem power and steem dollars.

So Steemit is just like twitter, facebook and Reddit but still it is different from them. You do all the things like sharing your views and liking or retweeting others view but on steemit you are paid to do this.